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Royal Balinese Wedding

Royal Balinese Wedding Style

Located at a natural view of Bali Village with daily Balinese culture activities. The procession of the wedding ceremony is suitable with how Balinese Hindu run their wedding actually. The holy ceremony will be a marvelous moment in your live.

A Balinese style house full with decoration, wedding processing with Balinese Offering and blessed by Balinese Hindu’s Priest (Pemangku), followed by Balinese traditional music (gamelan) and combined with Balinese dancers will make your wedding ceremony perfectly like in paradise. Wide green garden could be a best place to do a garden wedding party for your families, friends and guests.

Facilities are provides:

  • Bali Offerings for all processing wedding ceremonies
  • Welcome drink / soft drink
  • Custom Dress for “Payas Bali Agung” (for couple)
  • 2 sets of Custom Dress for “Balinese Madya” (for family)
  • Live Balinese Bamboo Music “Rindik”
  • Professional Make Up Artist
  • “Gayot” Procession with handymans and people escort the procession.
  • Bali Priest “Pemangku” with 2 Assistants
  • Snack / Tea / Coffee / Small Beer (only for 5 persons), extra charges/person for additional guests/request
  • Cameraman/Photographer
  • Wedding Certificates from Bali Budaya
  • Other request : Complete Group Balinese Traditional Music with Dancers and Dinner Party

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